About Van den Anker

The ISO 9001 certified company Th. J. van den Anker is a family owned company, situated in Dordrecht, where office and service stock are located. The company has been founded in the year 1954 as main supplier of Dutch overseas companies. Nowadays we deliver products in the Benelux to different markets and for many different applications. We are focussing the following fields:
Sales and Service of products for the transportation and processing in the oil, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Sales and Service of products for water transport.
Sales of components for the manufacturing of pressure vessels, storage tanks and heavy lifting equipment.
The agent Th. J. van den Anker B.V. acts as intermediary in the best interests of both client and principals, on exclusive dealership agreements. All companies we represent are leading manufacturers in the worldwide market. Numerous certificates and accreditations confirm the quality of the work they deliver.