Crown & petal heads / Weld constructions and Special pressed parts.

KÖNIG + CO. is offering not only press segments like crown and petal heads or cone petals with subsequent test assembly,
we are also well experienced in the welding of complete components made of several pressed parts.
Over the last years we considerably improved our capabilty in manufacturing segmented components.
We have invested in new equipment and improved the existing ones.
We added a new software tool to our existing 3D-Robot Hole Cutting machine which allows us to cut bevels at petals/segments very precisely.
Furthermore, we are able to perform a 3D-Machining (milling) of segments/petals, for example, for narrow gap welding and/or stripping back of cladding.
Herewith we can guarantee gap tolerances from petal to petal of max. 1 mm.
For the assembly of components we have invested in 2 new assembly areas for dimensions up to Ø13.5 m.
Meanwhile, we have 5 different assembly areas from Ø 5-13.5 m.
With our weld manipulator we are able to turn and tilt components up to a dimension of Ø7.8 m with a capacity of max. 150t single piece weight.
The appropriate weld mast has a height of 10.0 m and a horizontal arm of 10 m combinated with a SAW weld head with 2.5 m vertical movement.
Furthermore, we installed recently a new overlay welding equipment that allows us to perform overlay welding up to a strip width of 120 mm.