House Accession Material

RMA offers you a broad selection of materials for the construction of house gas connections.
All house connection materials distinguish themselves with their ease of installation and high level of safety.
You can get an overview of our products in the individual product categories house and apartment connection boxes, gas monitors, ball valves, and adaptors, and furthermore, you can see more detailed information on the individual materials and their accessories. RMA house connection materials unite our years-long experience with the current state of the art in science and technology for safe and innovative products.

Fixed Connections

Here you can choose from three proven series.

KETH Series Standard type for steel house connections from DN 25 to DN 200. Main isolation valve with integrated insulator. Optionally available with thermal self-closing ball valve (up to DIN 65)

KETH-S/PE Series Standard type for PE-HD house connections from DN 25 to DN 100. Optionally with thermal self-closing ball valve.

KETH-S/PE-AVR Series New generation of gas isolation valves for PE-HD house connections DN 25. Thermally triggered self-closing mechanism standard.

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Flexible House Connections

The flexible house connection combination with freely movable length according to the customer’s wishes. Optionally available with a flexible inner piece.

KETH-S/PE-FLEX Series The removable time. Inner side with ball valve (optionally with angle ball valve) or AVR-Valve.

KETH-SW/PE-FLEX Series The non-removable type. Inner side with ball valve (optionally with angle ball valve) or AVR-Valve.

KETH-S/PE-L Series The alternative solution. Type with PE-HD product tube and protection tube in flexible sandwich construction. Can be lengthened according to request.

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Water Connections

The optimal solution for your water connection. You can choose both fixed and flexible types.

HEW Series
The fixed house connection for water. Inlet with PE 100 welding point. Inner side with female screw thread up to DN 50, DN 80 / 100 with loose flange.

The flexible house connection for water with freely movable length according to the customer’s wishes. Inlet with PE 100 welding point. Inner side with male screw thread DIN 2999.

HEW with KFR-Valve Series
Like HEW Series but with an insulated 90° mounting angle and KFR-Valve type 1501.



For the renovation of house connections. Inner side with completely welded holding flange. Adjustable profile sealing in the gasket chamber ensure an absolutely leak-proof connection.


Single Channel House Connection

Guarantees the exchange of the gas house connection combination with its dry installation. Fixed and flexible types can be used. Fixing and insulation with annular gaskets.


Multiple Channel House Connection

Building without a cellar

You can utilise a dry and a wet install version. Protection tube connection with Vario-Fix-connecting sleeves. Empty pipe occupancy of the individual connection types when they are feely available independently from each other.

MS-HE-3000-T-VARIO-FIX Version of the 300-T Series for use in buildings without a cellar. Type with an adjustable stand.

MS-HE-3000-TR Line installation dry installation for the gas-impermeable installation of gas, water, energy, and telecom house connections in a common line installation device. With height-adjustable stand.


Building with a cellar

According to the on-site conditions, installation of a round or row-installation version is possible.
Protection tube connection with vario-fix-connecting sleeves, empty pipe occupancy of the individual connection types when they are feely available independently from each other.

MS-HE-3000-T The version for dry installation for the gas and water impermeable, placement of gas, water, and telecom house connections in one borehole or hollow tube.

MS-HE-3000-N The version for wet installation, same as the T-version but without the outer gasket elements with drain and connection device completed.

MS-HE-3000 Inexpensive version made of plastic for wet installation.

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Gas Streaming Control Units

Hi-Flo-Bi-Direction Check Valve according to VP305-2
The bi-directional hi-flow check valve is installed in underground pipelines to protect against uncontrolled gas emission’s caused by excavating or ground movement.
The check valve is self activating on high flow in either direction. Sizes up to DN50. Pressure Range – according to network pressure area.
Hi-Flo Check Valve GSW according to VP305-1
The RMA GSF hi-flow check valve for use in the inner installation pipe.


Ball Valves

Ball valve with complete passageway, type with flanges or threads, with or without electrical cut-off point.
With or without thermally triggered self-closing mechanism
(up to DIN 65).

RMA-angle ball valve with or without electrical cut-off point offers the greatest possible safety and compact dimensions (up to DIN 50).
With or without thermally triggered self-closing mechanism.

PE-HD welding point can be lengthened on both sides. Can be welded multiple times. Suitable for all welding procedures.
Uses: Gas PN 10, Water PN 16.
Nominal width DN 25-200.
The RMA bore PE ball valve is suitable for spot boring on the side of a PE-HD main line that is in use.
Main line diameter DA 63-225 mm, outflow DA 32-125 mm.



You can choose between the M-Piece and the “half” M-Piece.
An alternative to crimping and wrapping. Self sealing.

The M-piece is a self-sealing coupler.
The sealing occurs via rubber gasket on its own from the inner pressure.


The “half” M-Piece can be welded on one side with a DIN 2559/22 welding point, on the other side a self-sealing coupler.


Steel/PE Adapters Type SF-EL/PE (PE 100)
Steel coupler on HDPE as form-fitting and force-fit connection.
PE-HD welded with double welding length, suitable for heating coil sleeve welding, on the other side can be welded to steel with DIN 2559/22 welding point.


Bore Tees
Bore tees with female and male screw threads for boring a pipe under pressure without gas escaping. Extraction connections with steel welding point or steel coupler/PE-HD.
Extraction connection with steel coupler/HDPE. Optionally with stopper or integrated weld-in valve. Curved welding surface.


Type T-SE
Extraction connection with steel welding point with DIN 2559/22 welding bevel.
Optionally with stopper or integrated weld-in valve. Curved welding surface.