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Th. J. van den Anker is a sales office in the Netherlands and Belgium for a wide range of companies who deliver products and components for the transportation and processing in the oil, petrochemical, chemical & pharmaceutical industries, products for water transport and components for the manufacturing of pressure vessels, storage tanks and heavy lifting equipment.

We are your partner for vessel heads (dished ends), cones, special pressings, bending and welding of cylindrical pipes with great wall-thickness, half tubes, U-tubes, coiled pipes, tube bends, small diameter heavy walled pipes, half shells, special profiles, pressings, toroidal & spherical plates, straightening of plates (especially explosion bonded clad), sculptures, ball valves, gate valves, insulating joints, pig traps, hot tapping tees, plugging tees, hot extruded tees as well as tees with welded branches (with or without guide bars) stopple tees, quick closures, axial check valves, axial control valves, ultrasonic gas meters, gas pressure regulators and house gas accession material.

All the companies we represent are leading manufacturers in the worldwide market. Numerous certificates and accreditations confirm the quality of the work they deliver.

More information about the products can be found on the specific product pages or off course by contacting us. We would gladly answer your questions.


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